About us

Buckinghamshire Advantage is wholly delivery focused.

Buckinghamshire Advantage brings project management expertise to the delivery of Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s (Bucks LEP) capital programme, by co-ordinating the delivery of transport, planning, housing and other projects, in the pursuit of shared objectives. In delivering Bucks LEP’s work programme, we work closely with Buckinghamshire Council  and Buckinghamshire Business First.

In addition to managing Bucks LEP’s capital programme, Buckinghamshire Advantage also develops a number of separate capital projects which will help Buckinghamshire’s economy develop sustainably.

Our history

In July 2013, the Bucks LEP Board agreed that it would establish a delivery mechanism to enable it to deliver on the LEP’s behalf. With the existence of a legacy organisation – Aylesbury Vale Advantage (AVA) in the north of Buckinghamshire – it was proposed that this could be achieved by admitting new members to the AVA company arrangement and revisiting the Members’ Agreement, the Company Objects and the Articles of Association.

In April 2014 AVA was re-launched as Buckinghamshire Advantage as the delivery vehicle for the whole of Buckinghamshire.

In comparison with the governance arrangements for most LEPs, placing Buckinghamshire Advantage at the heart of the Bucks LEP delivery model is an exceptionally innovative arrangement. It offers the potential to be incredibly effective as well.

What are Buckinghamshire Advantages’ Strategic Objectives?

Vision: To help deliver national and local growth objectives to create a vibrant and prosperous Buckinghamshire for the economic wellbeing of the county.

Mission: To add value to planned development by promoting growth, identifying new opportunities and removing barriers to sustainable development.

Objectives: Buckinghamshire Advantage exists to:

  • Successfully manage and co-ordinate the delivery of publicly funded capital development programmes;
  • Intervene in the land and property market to create the conditions to attract investment into the locality; realise development opportunities; secure development finance; and ensure the maximum development value is retained locally, for further reinvestment;
  • Directly deliver development, where the development community wouldn’t naturally  intervene or where Buckinghamshire Advantage’s intervention is the only way to deliver the desired quality, quantum and speed of development;
  • Foster partnership – public and private.